CMU is a living, working organization that provides students ample opportunity to gain practical experience, job references, and part-time employment through our Work Study Program.

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Internship/Shadow Experience

Experience and skills are an important part of preparing for your career.  Shadow Experiences and Internships are a great way to use what you’ve learned and acquire skills while enhancing your resume.   The James C. Denneny Career Development Center encourages students to use summer and holiday breaks for shadow experiences and internships. 

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Resume/Cover Letter

The James C. Denneny Career Development Center offers resume and cover letter assistance to students and alumni.  The Resume/Cover Letter Writing Guide as been created to provide basic information in the creation of these documents.  The staff in the Career Development Office can assist with fine-tuning your resume and cover letter by making an appointment through Handshake, sending an email to career@y62666.com, or by coming to the office located on the second floor of the Inman Student Center, Room 209.

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Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews

Preparation and practice are essential for a successful interview.  Understanding your skills as they relate to the company  and knowing how to effectively communicate those skills will allow you to be more comfortable and confident during the interview.   Whether it’s a job shadowing opportunity, summer job, internship, graduate school interview or the interview for your post-graduation job, the Career Development Center is available to help students prepare and be successful.

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Networking is a skill that allows you to expand your contacts and knowledge.   Networking helps develop and improve your personal and professional skill set.  Through networking, you can keep current on industry and job market trends, and identify prospective mentors, partners, clients, and employment opportunities.  The Career Development Center encourages students to becoming involved on campus, in local community organizations and attend networking events.  You never know who you might meet and you never know who you might help.



Job Search Skills and Tools

Searching for an internship or first job can seem like a lot of work but having a plan is the best approach.  The James C. Denneny Career Development Center recommends starting your search several months before you need the position.  It is important to update your resume and practice your interviewing skills so when you identify an opportunity, you are prepared and comfortable.  Always allow plenty of time to research companies and opportunities so you have time to find the job that meets your timelines and career goals.

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