Office of the Provost

Dr. Rita Gulstad, ProvostAt CMU, we are a unique academic community - with emphasis on "academic" and "community."

Our academic programs at CMU are second to none. Each of our majors provides in-depth knowledge, enhanced by hands-on, real-world learning. CMU students have gone into the field to conduct mock criminal investigations. They've helped document various species at the Besgrove Hodge wildlife area. They've observed classrooms in the local school district. They've interned with accounting firms, professional sports teams, and the FBI.

At CMU, our learning is active, and our community is close. Here, students and faculty form uniquely close relationships, as they interact in classrooms, collaborate on research, and share together in an active campus life.

The result of such a vibrant, close-knit community is - no surprise - success. CMU has achieved an impressive placement rate, as our graduates are highly sought after by leading employers and top graduate schools.

What are your academic and career aspirations? Visit us at CMU, and let us show you how this exceptional academic community can help you achieve them.


Dr. Rita Gulstad
CMU Provost