Education Degree Programs

Many of our students know they have a passion for teaching, and whether you want to teach young children or high school students, Central has a program for you. Our programs offer experiential learning and engaged faculty who are experienced former teachers. Explore the various certification programs listed below and let us know how we can help you be a part of the next generation of Missouri teachers.

As a CMU Education major, you will have opportunities to:

  • build an in-demand skill set while taking classes that prepare you to be an engaged educator
  • develop workplace skills that allow you to naturally analyze information, answer questions, communicate effectively, develop ideas, hold an audience’s attention, and encourage others to grow and learn
  • participate in hands-on learning through projects, observational and field experiences, and internships
  • become a candidate for employment who is highly desired for your creativity, leadership skills, and teaching abilities
  • receive the preparation needed to earn certification and/or an advanced degree

Certification Areas Available