Enrollment requirements

Minimum Required Undergraduate Enrollment

  • 1. Full Time: 12 credit hours
  • 2. A minimum of 9 credit hours must be in a seated classroom on campus, in a face-to-face format. No more than 3 credit hours of the minimum 12 credit hour full time enrollment may be taken online.
  • 3. Students may have more than 3 credit hours online as long as they maintain full time enrollment, with a minimum of 9 hours on campus, face-to-face. For example, a student could enroll in 9 seated, face-to-face hours on campus and 9 hours online and maintain compliance.
  • Exceptions to Minimum Full Time Enrollment

  • (each of these requires prior approval from the PDSO):
  • 1. Medical: Illness/Injury - this requires a letter from a physician or a psychiatrist outlining the necessity for a reduced course load. It can be authorized by the DSO after review. It can be authorized for the initial incident and for one additional semester per education level.
  • 2. Unfamiliarity with US Teaching systems or difficulty with the language- this is only available during the first semester, and must be authorized by the DSO.
  • 3. Last semester, and student needs less than full load to complete degree program. DSO may authorize this after notification from advisor and confirmation from Registrar's Office that student will graduate that semester.
  • Failing a Class - this is not an approved reason to drop below a full course load. Failing classes can also affect the student's ability to continue to make satisfactory academic progress and put the student at risk for academic probation or suspension.