Health Insurance

All International Students must have health insurance coverage while studying in the USA. Individual policies are available through LewerMark for international students who do not have prior insurance coverage (from the home country) which is valid for use in the USA.

  • The LewerMark policy provides coverage for both health care and injuries which result from collegiate athletic participation. If the insurance you currently have in your home country provides coverage for both health and injuries resulting from athletic participation in the USA, you may obtain a waiver to continue using your home country insurance.

View the brochures for the Global Student Access and Global Student Advantage Plus plans. The Access plan pays 100% up to $15,000 for sports injuries while the Advantage Plus plan pays 80% with no cap. Go directly to the LewerMark webpage to obtain the cost for each plan.

Scroll down to the menu boxes at the bottom of the page and select "Purchase Student Insurance". Once you access the insurance page, enter your CMU student ID to log in and set up your student account and payment. You may also print the plan information and your insurance card from the main page.

If you have recently graduated and are remaining in the USA to work with OPT Employment Authorization, you may also purchase this coverage for health care needs if your employer does not include insurance.



All international student-athletes must provide evidence of insurance which covers athletic injuries prior to practice and competition. No athlete will be allowed to participate until documentation of appropriate current insurance coverage is on file with the CMU Athletic Training Department. Every athlete must complete an insurance form annually.

CMU athletic department does not provide a secondary or primary athletic insurance policy. A deductible assistance program, available through the Director of Athletic Training Services, is designed to aid athletes and their parents in meeting their annual or term deductibles. The maximum benefit is $1000 per injury, limited to two injury claims per year.

Provide the following information to your insurance company if you plan to use an existing policy from your home country:

  • 1. You intend to participate in intercollegiate athletics at CMU
  • 2. Policy must cover the ENTIRE period of CMU athletic participation. Month to Month coverage is NOT permitted and insurance must be purchased for an entire semester.
  • 3. Any expenses which occur outside this period are considered to be "Pre Existing" conditions, for which the ATHLETE or the ATHLETE'S PARENT are responsible.