Pre-Law Club and Support Program

The CMU Pre-Law Program is a co-curricular support service open to all students of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who are interested in learning more about career opportunities in the practice of the law or who assistance in preparing for law school admission. As such the program intends to provide students with the sorts of information and advising necessary to enable them to make informed decisions as to whether or not a career as a lawyer is for them. In addition the program seeks to provide the law school bound student with support services designed to in selecting and gaining admission to an appropriate law school.

For more information on the Pre-Law program, please visit the program page.


  1. To assist all interested students in learning about career opportunities in the legal professions.
  2. To provide advice and counsel to interested students concerning how they may best develop the skills and knowledge associated with success in law school and the legal professions.
  3. To assist interested students in assessing the suitability of selected law schools for their personal and professional needs and abilities.
  4. To assist interested students in preparing for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and in interpreting their test results.
  5. To assist law school applicants in the successful completion of the application processes at each of their selected law schools.
  6. To assist pre-law students in financial planning for their legal education.
  7. To provide opportunities for pre-law students to gain experience and learn about the legal profession through participating in internships and mentoring activities.