Work Order Form

To report a maintenance issue, please complete the work order request form below.

In the event of an EMERGENCY maintenance issue, please contact The Office of Student Development at 660-248-6223 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm). On weekdays after 5pm, or on Saturday and Sunday, please contact Public Safety at 660-202-0848.

Maintenance issues considered an emergency are:

  • No heat
  • Power outages that impact an entire floor or building
  • Flooding
  • Vandalism that requires the securing of an area
  • Windows that are completely broken out
  • Alarms associated with fires or other disasters

All other maintenance issues should be entered in the form below and will be addressed during normal working hours. Please note that air-conditioning issues would not be considered an emergency.

For TV/Computer Related Issues:

Before reporting any TV/computer related issues, be certain your TV is properly configured for CMU's campus TV systems and your computer is registered on CMU's network. Register your Device.

Only the following types of issues can be reported using this form:

  • TV wall jack is physically damaged
  • Channels that you could tune previously that no longer come in
  • Channels that only display the TV service provider logo
  • Complete TV service outage

For all other TV/Computer related issues, please visit the Technology Services Department which is located on the first floor of Cupples Hall (Library).