About Title IX

Central Methodist University strives to foster a secure, education-focused, and community-oriented campus that nurtures the intellectual and personal growth of students while prioritizing the safety and well-being of all community members.

Central Methodist University's Sexual Misconduct Policy clearly defines various forms of sexual misconduct that go against the community standards. It identifies available resources and outlines the university's student conduct process, including the consequences for violations of this policy. Central Methodist University is committed to complying with Title IX, ensuring a non-discriminatory approach based on sex in its educational programs and activities. Sexual harassment, including actions defined in this policy as sexual misconduct, is expressly prohibited under Title IX. How does Central Methodist University actively promote awareness and education on these important issues?

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Meet the Staff

Bradley Dixon - Title IX Coordinator
2nd floor Inman Student and Community Center

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Julee Sherman Sally Hackman Shayna Burchett

Depurty Title IX Coordinator

Julee Sherman

Depurty Title IX Coordinator

Sally Hackman

Depurty Title IX Coordinator

Shayna Burchett

Emergency Numbers​ 

  • Dial 911    
  • Non-Emergency Dispatch 660-248-3605 ​ 
  • Fayette Campus Safety: ​660-202-0848, monitored 24/7​ 
  • Residence Hall Director on Call: 660-888-8877​ 
  • Office of Student Development: 660-248-6223 (M-F: 8am-5pm)​ 
  • Plant Operations: 660-248-6295 (M-F: 8am-5pm)​ 


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